ecooltech is the clean alternative to combustion-powered refrigeration for transport vehicles. Our cold cell technology harnesses and stores thermal energy to:

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Eliminate Pollutants

No emissions, no noise

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Reduce Total Cost of Ownership 

Compared to conventional
systems over time

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Deliver Precision Performance

Constant temperatures,
instant response to temperature changes, easy to control

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The ecooltech Cold Cell

The ecooltech cold cell is the foundation of our proprietary refrigeration system and is dramatically different from conventional, internal combustion-based models. Our technology removes heat from the cargo area and generates cold temperatures in a precise, consistent manner. The system is then charged from the grid upon completion of the duty cycle.

Essential Advantage


Conventional refrigeration uses an internal combustion engine that cycles on/off to maintain a temperature range inside the cargo area.


The ecooltech cold cell uses a phase change material (PCM) to generate precise, constant temperatures throughout the duty cycle after the initial charge.

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System Application: 18 ton Straight/Box Truck

  • Allows for two temperature zones in one trailer

    • Chill: 883 cubic feet at 4 ºC/39 ºF

    • Freeze: 430 cubic feet at -20 ºC/-4 ºF

  • 12 hour duty cycle

  • No fuel costs and no CO2 emissions

  • Cold cell powered by on-board charger that connects to grid while off duty

  • Instant response to heat surges/temp changes

  • Constant data capture and temperature traceability for FDA FSMA Compliance

  • ecooltech system weight comparable or lighter than conventional systems

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EXAMPLE TCO BREAKDOWN: 18 ton distribution straight truck, 2-compartments (chill/freeze), ambient temperature 95 ºF (35 ºC). Savings relative to conventional combustion unit:
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The ecooltech System Can Be Customized for Virtually Any Duty Cycle 

Our current models are best suited for 28’ trailers and below, making them perfect for short-haul and urban areas where demands on cooling are varied and extreme.

Ecooltech set out to transform cold transport and the cold chain by creating thermal energy technology devices with the power to shift the industry into the modern age of economical sustainability. Currently, we are developing and assembling our cold cell systems in the U.S.A. for sales to fleet operators, trailer/vehicle OEMs and distributors in North America. We can custom build ecooltech systems for virtually any application or duty cycle and look forward to partnering with growth-focused companies to suit your specific needs and goals. 

We'd love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have. Please contact us.